Expekt is an online gaming and sportsbook company with over 1.8 million registered costumers. Their commercial is by far the top favorite. The music, the accents, the whole idea! Funny and short.

It starts with a woman screaming in pain. Basically, you’re watching the birth of the central character of the commercial. In the second scene, you see the father and uncle Joey who bets that the child will be a boy. And he really is!

Later one, you see Uncle Joey with the main character who is now a ten-year-old boy. They are both sitting. A gorgeous woman passes by. The uncle says: “I bet you like “muchachas” (girls) like that!” Then viewers can hear the following phrase: “Joey loved betting! He would bet on anything! Joey was my hero, and it took some time to copy his style/stuff.”

The video moves on to present the main characters as an adult. He is in a bar, watching a football game. He says calmly: “I bet we’ll lose”. He gets thrown out of the bar. However, he’s right! The team loses.

Slowly but certainly, the main character perfects his strategy. One bet leads to the other. In no time, he wins the whole package! The girl, the money, the respect.

The last scene occurs in a waiting room. With a laptop in his hands, the main character is betting on experkt.com. Then, we see Joey in the room, who says: “I think it’s a girl.” Mike responds: “You wanna bet?”

The scene ends with both of them laughing. The message is quite simple: “If you’re not in/You can’t win”.