Betsafe is one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide. They offer a wide selection of wagering products, including sports bettings. They have over 450.000 customers from different countries. Also, very cute commercials! Ok, maybe not all of them are as cute and fuzzy as this one.

Some men are out camping. You can see one of them fishing by a lake. After a close-up, you can hear: “Hey looooooser!” He looks over and sees his friend holding a bear cub.

After they get close to one another, one of them exclaims: “Oh my God, it’s a bear cub!” And he sounds clearly alarmed. As a response, his friend laughs and confirms.

Pleased with himself, the men with the bear cub in his hands tells the other one that he owes him a thousand dollars, cash. He replies: “Hell no, it was just a stupid bet!”

Then, the logo of Betsafe appears. A solemn voice declares: “To us, there are no stupid bets.” This precise line is extremely powerful. The commercial it’s well thought, with short and funny lines. And it has a cub bear!