Unibet is an international company that grants access to online gambling. As a result, they have numerous commercials. However, think this one stands out the most. It has Ronny Johnsen, from Manchester United and Dee Snider, from Twisted Sister! So if you’re a football or/and a heavy metal fan, you’re going to love this one!

The whole commercial is like a music video. The song is quite catchy! It starts with an ordinary family sitting and watching a documentary. The older guy screams and starts spinning. Eventually, he transforms into Dee Snider. The artist begins to list, through singing, several sports fan types: a bunch of friends with mobiles and headbands, a father and a son, an adorable pair and a guy with a chest tattoo (with his favorite sports team). They are all watching or attending different sports games while gambling on their phone.

After Dee Snider and Ronny Johnsen pose, the words “Mer moro med Live Betting” appear. This means “More fun with Live Betting.”

The conclusion is simple: live betting is easy and fun!