The next commercial is brought by Norsk Tipping AS. This is the national lottery in Norway, located in Hamar. The company offers a broad range of lottery, sports and fast games.

The video begins with a couple kissing in the middle of the road. When they hug, the guy sees a building with many windows. He can see the TVs from all the apartments. It seems that everyone is watching the same football game that night. The guy comes closer, with his partner right behind him. He is smart; he’s positioning himself so that he can see the game. The girl has no idea, and she continues to kiss him.

This game is clearly important for him. You can easily conclude that he has a bet on something. At some point, a girl walks into the room and blocks the view. They start to have a dance of some sort together. All three of them.

In the end, the words “Et høydepunkt hver dag” pop up. It means “A highlight every day.” And yes, when you gamble, kiss and have awkward encounters with strangers, this works pretty well.